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Toilet Training

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After feeding and sleeping, toilet training is the next big hurdle parents need to guide their children over as they move towards independence. But how and when to start the process? Book a one-on-one consultation with our toilet training experts, who can both help you take the first steps towards a nappy-free life, as well as troubleshoot any challenges that pop up along the way. 

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It’s easy! You can make a booking in 4 easy steps:

  1. Choose the service you need – Sleep School, Lactation Clinic, Toddler Room or Parent Coach
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Need help choosing a package or consultation?  Contact us at experts@babyology.com.au

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Reviews from happy families

“The session was lovely - relaxed yet professional and very informative. Jo listened to my concerns and story, and the plan suggested was well explained. Thank you Jo! We are more confident we can handle our baby's sleep because of you.”

- Erell

“Karina was lovely and took the time to understand our sleep situation, and with this information provided some simple steps for our family to implement.”

- Alice

“Chris was so knowledgeable and kind, and helped us so much to work through a tricky sleep period with our toddler while I was tired and pregnant. No question was too silly and no situation too tough ... We say that she is like our guardian angel and we wish we had her for our first!”

- Katie D

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