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Speech Pathology

Children develop language skills at different rates – and this is completely normal. But if you’ve got a late talker on your hands, or a little one preparing for school, a screening call with our speech pathologist to assess your child will help you understand if additional support or intervention is required. 

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Meet the Speech Pathology experts

Sonia Bestulic

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Sonia Bestulic is the Founder of Talking Heads Speech Pathology and Principal Speech and Language Pathologist. Sonia is extremely passionate about early intervention; having personally delivered speech and language screenings…

Speech pathology is right for you, if:

  • You’re unsure if your child’s speech and language development is where it should be
  • You want to understand how you can best support your child’s first words 
  • You want to understand how you can support your child’s language skills
  • You have concerns about any area of your child’s language or speech

With our speech screening sessions, you can have a consultation with our Speech Pathologist to check if your child’s development is on track, or whether further support is needed. Our Speech Pathologist will complete an age-appropriate screening and provide you with advice on any next steps that may be needed.  

If your focus is more on learning how you can actively promote your child’s language development, our Get Talking program will teach you techniques that you can use every day to encourage your child’s language skills, including how to read with your child at different ages and stages, selecting the right books, and understanding any red flags to look out for along the way.

How do I choose the right solution for me?

You can review all of our speech experts’ bios here.  You can also call, email or live chat with our team to get a better understanding of your needs, and we’ll help match you to the right expert.

How does a consultation work?

After booking a session with one of our experienced experts, you will be sent an email with a confirmation of your booking and the details of your video conference. At the same time, the details you provided about you and your child/ren will be sent to your chosen expert.

During your video session, our expert will get to know your family, your current routine, answer questions and provide advice. At the end of your session, both you and the expert will set out a plan to help with your ongoing parenting journey.

After your video conference, you will be sent an email with a link to your video and a password to access this. You will have 3 weeks of unlimited access to your video. For more info, check out the video here.

I think my child needs speech therapy - can this service help?

Our expert Screening sessions with a qualified Speech Pathologist are a great opportunity to have your expert review whether your child is at an appropriate stage in their development.   Your expert will recommend any follow care required. 

The Get Talking program enriches the foundation of overall communication development and can be used as an additional resource rather than as a replacement for any speech therapy services.

Explore our speech programs

Get Talking Speech Support

AUD $99.00

Listening out for those precious first words?

Encourage your child’s language skills now to help them get talking. Get Talking speech program gives parents the tools to support and encourage the speech and language skills their young child will take to adulthood.

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