Rebecca is a Registered Midwife (Endorsed) and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant who genuinely cares about you and your changing family.

While working in a hospital, Rebecca saw many couples struggle during the transition to parenthood and decided it was important to offer these families additional guidance through this amazingly special, yet utterly exhausting, time. Rebecca loves to work with parents-to-be to prepare them for what to expect during baby’s first few weeks.

If you are experiencing difficulties breastfeeding know that you’re not alone. Issues such as nipple pain or damage, babies who can’t or won’t latch, real or perceived low milk supply, engorged breasts, forceful letdown, blocked ducts, mastitis and oversupply are common. It is possible to overcome them however, with the advice and encouragement Rebecca provides.

She can also recommend different settling and/or coping techniques, and if you’re concerned, can reassure you about ‘normal’ newborn behaviour from a biological point of view.