Toilet training: Troubleshooting consultation appointment

Is your child having toilet troubles?

Has toilet training come to a stop – or even gone backwards – at your place? Book a 40-minute check-in video consultation to get answers from our toilet training experts.

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What can I expect

This one-to-one 40-minute video consultation with a toilet training expert will identify the challenges you are experiencing and offer strategies to overcome them so your child can get out of nappies.

What's included


Pre-consultation questionnaire to gather relevant background information

Live Consultation

1 x 40-minute video call with the expert

Watch Again

A video recording of consultation will be shared (available for a 3 week period)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know how to choose the right level or expert for me?

You can review all of our toilet training experts’ bios here. You can also call, email or live chat with our team to get a better understanding of your needs, and we’ll help match you to the right expert.

How does a consultation work?

After booking a session with one of our experienced experts, you will be sent an email with a confirmation of your booking and the details of your video conference.

At the same time, the details you provided about you and your child/ren will be sent to your chosen expert.

During your video session, our expert will get to know your family, your current routine, answer questions and provide advice.

At the end of your session both you and the expert will set out a plan to help with your ongoing toilet training journey.

After your video conference, you will be sent an email with a link to your video and a password to access this. You will have 3 weeks of unlimited access to your video. For more info, check out the video here.

What age child is this service suitable for?

Our experts can help with families who are just starting out on with toilet training all the way up to children in early school years who have had a setback or not quite gotten the hang of things by the time they are starting school.

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