TODDLER ROOM: Follow up consultation appointment

Need ongoing support to get on top of your toddler challenges?

This 30-minute video consultation is only available following your Expert Toddler Support Appointment and offers access to your expert to get ongoing support and advice.

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What can I expect

This 30-minute video consultation is only available after the Expert Toddler Introductory consultation and offers access to your expert to get ongoing support and advice. Get help from your expert about all sorts of toddler behaviours including:

  • Toddler tantrums
  • Toilet training
  • Managing sibling rivalry
  • Fussy eating

What's included


Pre-consultation questionnaire to update on progress since prior call

30-min Consultation

1 x 30-minute video consultation with your expert via Zoom

Watch Again

A video recording of consultation will be shared (available for a 3-week period)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book this session if I have not completed the Expert Toddler Support Consultation?

No. You will need to have completed an Expert Toddler Support Consultation first to ensure your expert has had the time to get to know you and your toddler and to develop a plan.  The 30-minute session will give you the opportunity to check in with your expert to ensure you are making progress. If you are still having challenges your expert will work with you to find new solutions.

How does a consultation work?

After booking a session with one of our experienced experts, you will be sent an email with a confirmation of your booking and the details of your video conference. 

At the same time, the details you provided about you and your child/ren will be sent to your chosen expert. 

During your video session, our expert will get to know your family, your current routine, answer questions and provide advice.  

At the end of your session, both you and the expert will set out a plan to help with your ongoing parenting journey. 

After your video conference, you will be sent an email with a link to your video and a password to access this. You will have 3 weeks of unlimited access to your video. For more info, check out the video here.

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