Speech pathology: Toddler to preschooler screening appointment

Is your child having speech troubles?

In this session, our expert will review speech sound development, language development (both receptive and expressive language), speech fluency and voice and conversation / social skills.

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What can I expect

In this session, our expert will review speech sound development, language development (both receptive and expressive language), speech fluency and voice and conversation / social skills. This session is helpful for parents who are concerned about their child’s language development and want to understand if any intervention is required. It may be particularly helpful for families who are trying to gauge school readiness and whether their child’s language skills are at an appropriate development level to start school.

Your expert can identify the children who require more comprehensive assessment, intervention or ongoing monitoring. Where additional support is recommended, your expert will recommend the relevant medical / allied health support needed.

Your child will need to present for approximately 15 minutes of the screening.

What's included


Pre-consultation questionnaire to gather relevant background information

25-min Consultation

1 x 25-minute video call with your expert

Consult Feedback

Feedback summary and recommendation if any follow-up is required

Watch Again

A video recording of consultation will be shared with feedback and a recommendations summary (available for a 3 week period)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a speech therapy session?

No. This is not a speech therapy session. Rather, these sessions with an experienced Speech Pathologist will help you understand if your child’s development is tracking to expected milestones and whether you should pursue Speech Therapy for your child.  If you do need further assistance your expert will provide recommendations on the next steps.

How does a consultation work?

After booking a session with one of our experienced experts, you will be sent an email with a confirmation of your booking and the details of your video conference. At the same time, the details you provided about you and your child/ren will be sent to your chosen expert.

During your video session, our expert will get to know your family, your current routine, answer questions and provide advice. At the end of your session, both you and the expert will set out a plan to help with your ongoing parenting journey.

After your video conference, you will be sent an email with a link to your video and a password to access this. You will have 3 weeks of unlimited access to your video. For more info, check out the video here.

I think my child needs speech therapy - can this service help?

Our expert Screening sessions with a qualified Speech Pathologist are a great opportunity to have your expert review whether your child is at an appropriate stage in their development.   Your expert will recommend any follow care required.

The Get Talking program enriches the foundation of overall communication development and can be used as an additional resource rather than as a replacement for any speech therapy services.

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