Monica is a toilet training expert and a parent of two beautiful boys. Monica has helped hundreds of parents and professionals to successfully navigate toilet training.

Driven by a belief a few years back, that parents deserved better information and support, Monica developed an evidence-based step-by-step program called Nappies to Undies. Consulting with a Maternal & Child Health nurse, Monica founded Toilet Training Educators, sourcing evidence and bringing together childhood development frameworks and skill development models.

Monica firmly believes that travelling from nappies to undies can be a positive experience for parents and children. It doesn’t have to be stressful, it’s just another skill a child will learn; like
they learned to walk, they will learn to use the toilet.

Testimonials for Monica

“I’m thrilled to say that my little man is doing well and in just 2 weeks we are nappy-free when awake and I’m so proud of my little man. You gave me the confidence to let him go nappy-free and trust that he was ready even though I wasn’t.” – Parent

“Thank you for your information; I found it very helpful and informative. Our girls are 2 years and 8 months and whilst I was waiting until they were older (interesting to hear your information on that!) the girls have started doing wees on the toilet (using a family seat) every night before and after their bath. It was reassuring to hear we are on track ! I feel empowered and better equipped now from your session for the next stages, so thank you.” – Vanessa, mother of 2.5-year-old twin girls