Keren is a Registered Midwife and International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (IBLC).

She has a passion for postnatal, newborn and baby care with extensive experience in breastfeeding support. She is also a pregnancy yoga instructor. She is a mother of four young adults including a set of twins and loves observing how their lives unfold.

Keren aims to promote a sense of competence and autonomy in new parents. While firmly grounded in recent evidence, Keren loves thinking creatively about challenges families may face and comes together with the parent/s to a plan an approach that is individually tailored, acceptable and workable.

Testimonials for Keren

“Thank you soooo much for coming into our lives and helping us help Abi to sleep better. We have certainly seen such a transformation since you first came to see us and although Abi hasn’t been a pushover, we have got her to a good place in the end (settling with no help and no crying most of the time and starting to sleep through the night more consistently – hooray!!) She is happier and I am really able to enjoy her a lot more which is just wonderful.” – Fiona, Phil & Abi 

“I really can’t fault you.. you were amazing to us and our family. Our experience has been so different this time and really shows how different one child is to the other.” – Leanne

“Keren, you were amazing and someone I would highly recommend. Not only did you provide knowledge on sleep but you gave us insights into feeding and breastfeeding – thank you … You had so many great tips. Wish I had done it sooner with Charlie.” – Angie