Karina is a mum of four, postnatal doula, parenting educator, psychology graduate and parenting coach. She has helped hundreds of mums and dads resolve their sleep issues and enjoy parenting with less stress and more magic.

Karina is a big believer in the magic of motherhood and loves guiding new mums through all the early parenting challenges, so they can enjoy more of the magic moments.

Many parents worry about their child’s behaviour and supporting their child’s emotional health. As a parenting coach, Karina helps mums and dads tune into their child’s emotional needs so they can work through behavioural issues and enjoy a stronger, more meaningful connection.

Karina is known for her message of gentle, responsive (and realistic!) parenting.

Testimonials for Karina

“I thoroughly enjoyed my meetings with Karina. She listened graciously to my racing thoughts and worries and made sense of the internal chaos and sleep deprived fog by helping me make concrete steps forward.” – Ali

“Thanks to Karina, the rest of the newborn phase with my daughter flew by. As it’s my second child, you’d think you would know what to do but each child is different. Karina was a lending ear but also supportive in reassuring me that I was doing everything right for my baby. Finding her support was a blessing.” – Laura

“Karina was lovely and took the time to understand our sleep situation, and with this information provided some simple steps for our family to implement.” – Alice

“Karina was warm and engaged. She adapted her advice based on my reactions to it and therefore the sleep plan was developed organically between us, which increases its chance of success!” – Clair

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