Jo is focused on understanding the best approach to suit you with an emphasis on gentle, practical solutions to create a better experience for your whole family.

Jo worked as a registered nurse for nearly twenty years with most of that career spent working in paediatrics. She also worked as a full-time nanny in Australia and overseas.  Jo completed a Masters of Public Health, studying the health and wellbeing of women and their children in a public health context, focusing on the levels of support available to mothers of young infants within the community.

Jo has developed the BabyBliss Sleep Support Programwhich has helped thousands of families sleep better. Based on tried and tested methods, the BabyBliss Sleep Support program teaches gentle and effective sleep techniques that really work.

Testimonials for Jo

“Your in-cot bum-wiggle tip has worked really well for us. Max is now falling asleep in the cot of an evening … and we’ve eliminated the 5am scream-a-thon – he can now be coaxed back to sleep with rhythmic in-cot movement. On Thursday night he even slept through the entire night for the first time!! Sincere thanks for your help”. – Courtenay

“I’m absolutely blown away and so grateful for the guidance Jo gave me. It has given me so much more confidence and I’m so proud of my little girl for catching on so quickly … My happy baby is even happier than I could have imagined!!”  – Georgie

“Your support was invaluable. It gave me the confidence to do what I knew needed to be done and meant I was accountable to someone, in doing it. Just what I needed!” – Elke

“The session was lovely – relaxed yet professional and very informative. Jo listened to my concerns and story, and the plan suggested was well explained. Thank you Jo! We are more confident we can handle our baby’s sleep because of you.” – Erell

“Jo was lovely and very supportive. There was no judgement, and I really loved how easily she was able to break down a process, which had seemed so complex. I love that she involved me in all of the decisions so that I felt confident and comfortable with the process.” – Kate

See Jo in action: Babyology Helpline

You can see Jo in action answering parents questions on our Babyology Helpline program on Facebook Live .  Jo is one of our regular experts on the program each Monday at 11:30am. Visit our Babyology Helpline Group to leave a question.