Hannah is an experienced and holistic baby and child Certified Sleep Consultant (Baby Sleep Consultants NZ).

She is also a Registered Nurse with experience in maternity, neo-natal intensive care, special care nursery and has worked primarily in practice nursing with a particular interest in mother and child health.

Hannah enjoys working with families to solve sleep issues where she combines her passion for nursing with her interest and expertise in baby sleep and settling.

Being a mother of two little boys, she understands that no two parents and child are the same and her approach to baby sleep is to assess each family as a whole – taking into consideration parenting styles and flexible routines.

Testimonials for Hannah

Hannah was so amazing in her ability to listen to our situation, gain an understanding of our parenting style and respond in a way that was detailed and supportive of both – Keli

Wow! Never did I imagine our little Oscar to sleep through the night. After only 2 days of advice from Hannah, he did. By the end of the program I was kicking myself we didn’t do this sooner!– Katie

Surprisingly, one of the first things that Hannah asked me before we began was about MY parenting style, what I was comfortable with and what my baby’s temperament was like. I felt like our sleep plan was completely tailored to our needs as opposed to a ‘one size fits all’ approach and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I didn’t have to leave her to cry it out. – Lara

Hannah was fantastic. In a matter of days she changed our lives for the better. My husband and I are now confident with bedtime and my almost 6 month old son has never been happier – Kate