Chris is a much-loved mothercraft nurse with over 30 years of experience in providing care and support for parents of newborns, infants and toddlers. Chris appears regularly on Helpline on our parenting podcast, Feed Play Love and has solved hundreds of sleep issues for listeners.

Chris supports families with children from newborns to toddlers with a focus on daily rhythms and routines that work.

Chris is the author of Bringing Baby Home.

Testimonial for Chris

“Chris was so knowledgeable, kind and helped us so much to work through a tricky sleep period with our toddler while I was tired and pregnant. No question was too silly and no situation too tough. We say that she is like our guardian angel and we wish we had her for our first!”  – Katie

“I recently ( about 3-4 weeks ago) had a session with Chris around by little one’s early waking habits ( 4.30am). We worked through a few suggestions and of course, as always, Chris came up with the goods. We have made his room a lot darker by closing all doors and and incentive to not get out of bed! I am now pleased that he is sleeping well through the night without getting out of his bed and now waking around the 6.00/6.30am mark. HOORAY and thank you Chris! – Fiona

See Chris in action: Babyology Helpline

You can see Chris in action answering parents questions on our Babyology Helpline program on Facebook Live.  Chris is one of our regular experts on the program each Monday at 11:30am. Visit our Babyology Helpline Group to leave a question.