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Wouldn’t it be handy if every baby came with an instruction manual? Instead, parents have to figure it all out as we go. From sleeping and feeding to play and development, everything is learned on the job. Parent School helps parents find the answers in a supportive way so we can confidently make decisions that are the best for our family.

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Parent School connects parents with experts who, through a booked online one-on-one session, can provide specific advice that will help you develop the tools and confidence to tackle even the most tricky of parenting challenges.

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Sleep School

Some babies are terrific sleepers; others not so much … and some babies just need a bit of help to reach their full sleep potential. Sleep School is designed to give parents all the tools you need to help your baby sleep better.

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Lactation Clinic

Sure, breastfeeding may be the natural way to feed your baby – but it’s also a skill that needs to be learned by mum and bub. Our Lactation Clinic teaches parents what they need to know to make breastfeeding successful.

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Toddler Room

Ah, toddlers – one minute they’re full of sunshine, and the next, dark clouds roll in … Life with a toddler is never boring! The Toddler Room gives parents the skills to address common toddler challenges while staying calm and in control.

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Parent Coach

Before you had kids, did you think about what kind of parent you wanted to be?  Parent coaching can help with specific challenges such as dealing with tantrums and misbehaviour, or with more personal matters such as finding confidence as a parent.

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